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Friday, March 1, 2013

Muse Week 6: Deanna Jean

Hello Everyone,
I thought I was going to miss this week's Muse, but I am just going to make it. It was a crazy busy week at school and I have been so tired in the evenings, I have not had a chance to stamp. I would like to take a moment to say that I am loving the Muse inspiration designers - it just keeps getting better and better. Now, when you see my card you may think: "How was that inspired by Deanna Jean's card?" This card has been percolating in my brain since Monday morning when I first saw the inspiration card this week. What I loved about Deanna's card were the flowers and the frame. I decided to use the flowers as the frame - I also wanted to keep it simple because this stamp is such a delicate image. I love all the white space, but instead of using white as my card base, I decided to go with craft and use white to colour the flowers - I love the way it pops off the page. I am thrilled with the way the card turned out. Of couse I had to add a little bit of bling - my husband always says that that is the touch of "Megness"! Anyway, I hope you like my contribution.

Happy Stamping,


  1. Oh, Meg, I love this! I so need to try this technique! Such beautiful, delicate images! Umm mmm!

  2. Beautiful card. I love the white flowers on kraft. You're right they pop. Your added touch of Megness is perfect :)

  3. Love this card! I always forget about white flowers on Kraft--great look!

    1. Very pretty how the white flowers pop out against the's all come together beautifully. Lovely touch of 'Megness' LOL

  4. Gorgeous! Love that stamping on the Kraft! :)


  5. So gorgeous, Meg ... love the colouring on kraft ... the colours really do seem have more vibrancy and the blingy 'Megness' is perfect! Anita :)


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